Stuck with no headphone jack phone ? Here is your solution.


Having a headphone jack on your phone is a big plus. It is really annoying when your dream mobile doesn’t have universal 3.5 mm headphone jack. Some phones like Motorola Moto Z are using USB type C to headphone jack adapter which is also not easily replaceable and mostly u won’t find its replacement easily in the market. USB type C hand-frees are also expensive.

If u are facing the same issue, then we have some solutions for you.

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Wireless Hands-free

A lot of wireless hand-frees are available in the market that could easily fix your problem of not having 3.5 mm Headphone jack. Wireless Hand-frees have a major drawback that you need to charge it. Imagine you are traveling or watching a movie and battery goes dead in half way. however, some wireless hand-frees have a good battery life so chose it carefully

Bluetooth Music Receiver

Don’t want to buy expensive wireless handsfree? we have a cheap and affordable solution for you.You just need to buy a cheap Bluetooth music receiver device which costs u around 300 to 500 rupees. Isn’t it great?

The major plus is that it has a battery life of around 7-8 hours which is capable of satisfying your heavy music needs but still you need to charge it often and you cant rely on it while traveling. Using it is simple, Just connect it to your phone and use your hands-free in its 3.5 mm aux port. Now enjoy the premium hands-free experience at a cost of 4-5 dollars with any hands-free. These Bluetooth receivers are easily available in market and online.


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