7 Easy Steps to double your Smartphone Battery


7 Easy Steps to double your Smartphone Battery

Smartphones revolutionalized our lives in many ways. It gave us the power to complete our tasks remotely and easily. It also enhanced our communication and entertainment experiences. With the help of the internet, it gave us whole worlds knowledge in a single pocket device. Either its language barriers or social difficulties, it completely gives control in our hands. Despite all these features, smartphone battery is a major matter of concern for almost everyone.

But to use all these powers that smartphones gave us, we need a super-power called battery life. Sadly, most mobile phones failed to provide enough battery cycle which put limits on our usage for all these great features of smartphones.

Is your android battery or iPhone battery disappointing you? Don’t worry we have some easy ways to double your battery life.

Use smartphone on low Brightness

Brightness is a major consumer of power in your smartphone and drains your android battery very fast. Try reducing your brightness up to 30% and see the magic. You will be able to increase your battery life up to 50% with this easy hack.

Turn Off unnecessary/Unused hardware radios

We have a lot of things on our smartphones which are great but we don’t use them often. Like NFC, GPS, and Bluetooth. Keep the radios off when you don’t need them and you will notice a remarkable increase in your battery life. Furthermore, you can off your LTE and wi-fi when you don’t need them to increase more 20% in your battery life.

Kill background Apps

Apps running in the background also drain a good amount of battery. You can kill background apps manually or you can download some apps from the app store that will automatically do that for you.

Remove unnecessary widgets

Home screen widgets are great to optimize our experience with smartphones but they drain a good amount of android battery. You need to pay this small price by removing these widgets for greater reward of extended battery life.

Don’t use Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are beautiful and give your screen a great view but use a good amount of smartphone battery. Static wallpapers are great alternatives for extended battery life that won’t hurt your screen’s beauty.

Use battery saver Apps

A lot of apps are available on app stores that help you manage your battery efficiently. Its the easiest way of increasing your battery life as these apps work automatically with best settings. Here we will recommend some popular android battery saving apps.

  • DU battery saver
  • Battery Doctor

Buy a Quality Power Bank

Power banks are a popular way of dealing with battery problems. These pocket power banks break all barriers and limitations. Many options are available the in the market ranging 2500 mah to 30000 mah. you can choose according to your needs. Some 20000 mah power banks can charge your mobile 7-8 times in a single charge.

smartphone battery

These all steps are going to double your battery life. Mobile companies are working to satisfy this need by putting big battery packs in new smartphones. Hopefully, in near future, we will be able to use mobiles to its full potential.


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