Are u a Social media addict ? Discover how its going to effect your Life in Future.


Social media has become part of our daily routines. Its our habit to check notifications too often even when u aren’t expecting any. Most of people are social media addict these days. Test yourself. Can you spend a whole day without mobile phone ? If not than you are badly effected with a new kind of smoking called social media.

How Social Media affects your Health

According to health experts sitting is a new disease. Sitting whole day going to effect your health badly. Due to social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram we all become so lazy. We prefer to sit and scroll our timelines instead of other healthy activities.

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Furthermore social media is addictive. Its a powerful drug ruining our lives. Its something really satisfying for us now but a time will come when you have to stop using it.Reasons could be work or family or your relations. You will go through a serious psycological disorder with deep anxiety and depression.

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Study shows the more we become addict to social media the less happiness and satisfaction we will get and it transforms our personality into a sad person. It will trigger more sadness that will overtake our happiness and make you feel isolated.

How Social Media affects your Relations

Social media transforms our lives but it effected our relations badly. We often talk less to our loved ones in same room and stay busy giving time to our social relations. Although social media helped to reduce generation gaps by gathering generations on same page but in reality it increases gaps in blood relations.

If you are a couple than social media will become more toxic as it will give you countless chances of cheating on your partner and even it will create trust issues. These days social media is the basic reason of all the trust issues, Jealousies and insecurities. You can never create a balance between your Real and Virtual relations.

Our advice to you is to dont ruin your future for a limited time satisfaction. Take your life seriously, Achive your Life Goals and let the satisfaction come to you.



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