Points to be considered while choosing best Smartphone for you


Points to be considered while choosing best Smartphone for you

Smartphones industry is releasing so many models every year and every model has some unique features attracting you. Its become really hard for us to choose the best smartphone that could give us max satisfaction.

Its really important to chose your mobile smartly otherwise you will feel complexed and unsatisfied all the time when you see others with better phones at less price and better performance.

If you are reading this you must be planning to upgrade your smartphone. You don’t need to be confused just follow these points and be a smart consumer.

1. Budget

The first thing you need to do is to establish a budget for your next purchase. Whatever the budget you have you will find a lot of options in your budget range.

2. Operating system

Some people love Android and some are just brand conscious and prefer to buy the only iPhone. Its easy for iPhone lovers coz they don’t have many choices but when it comes to buying an Android. You have endless options and you need to choose very carefully.

3. Processor attributes

The processor is the most important part of a smartphone. Do a research on all models and their processors. A mobile with good looks and a low-speed processor never going to satisfy you. Our advice to you is to never compromise on processor speed.

4. Ram and Rom

Everyone has different needs and budgets for their smartphones so you need to choose RAM and ROM accordingly. If you are a games lover go for the highest available RAM and ROM but if your budget doesn’t allow you and your usage is moderate like social media and casual use you need to go minimum 2gb of RAM and 16gb of ROM.

5. Camera

The camera is the most important factor for buying the best smartphone these days. It’s highly recommended that you should choose the camera for image quality and not for the highest megapixels. Watch camera reviews of all available models on youtube and decide which camera suits you best.

6. Appearance and Design

Appearance and design of smartphone is also a major factor for best choice. Everyone needs a phone which looks beautiful on hands but our advice to you is to consider higher specs on design. Speed matters more than design. If your budget is short you can compromise on appearance.

7. Battery Life

Battery life is something we cant compromise a single percent. You should not choose a mobile with a bad battery life. It’s highly annoying to keep your mob always on charge. Our advice to you is to choose minimum 3500 mah battery for your next purchase.

If you are still confused. Let us know in comments. We will help you choose the best smartphone according to your needs.


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