My fight with Failures.


My life is full of failures but my hope is still alive. When I started, I was ranked as a brilliant student but when it comes to success, I simply failed because I was fighting with Hepatitis C. This reduced my options as I won’t be able to choose mathematics in intermediate and end up doing I-Com. Lost my dreams of becoming a successful Software engineer.

I didn’t lose my hope. I challenged myself again and started chartered accountancy. I got huge success in the start but failures still never left me. I stuck in some subjects and eventually decided to try my luck somewhere else. This fight is still going on

When it comes to LOVE life. I faced huge failures every time. sometimes I lost someone precious because I was busy fighting with my life and had no confidence to give false promises for future and sometimes I lost someone because I failed to convince the person that I am not like others. That’s how I m still single :p

I tried blogging many times but faced huge failures everytime and this is another attempt to become a blogger :p

The only success I achieved in my life is the social media fame. I become the most popular tweep in early years of Twitter. I introduced modern teaming concept on Twitter. Got huge success as a trendsetter. But left all my fame for my studies.

Apart from all these, finances also stopped me from achieving some success as I belong to a middle-class family but nothing could stop my struggle. I don’t care what people say about me. My vision is high and one day I will achieve all my dreams. (InshaAllah)


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