A beginner’s guide to makeup brushes:

makeup brushes

A beginner’s guide to makeup brushes

Lovelies, we’ll be talking about makeup brushes and which ones to get and which ones to ditch. The way to learn more about applying makeup is to know about the tools you’re supposed to use. I have already written an article about makeup sponges and now I’ll be talking about all the necessary makeup brushes

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The brushes that one needs are:

Foundation brush/buffing brush:

To apply foundation, you need a dense brush with a flat top. You put a little foundation on your face and buff it in with your densely packed brush. It gives more coverage than a makeup sponge.

Powder brush:

Powder brushes are the ones which are used to apply powder to your face to set your foundation. For powders, you need a big fluffy brush. You can swirl your brush in the powder, tap the excess off and apply it all over your face.

Blush brush:

To apply blush on your cheeks, you need a small fluffy brush. Nothing too big because then you’ll end up having excess amount of blush on your cheeks and you might end up looking like a clown, a cute one but a clown nonetheless.

Highlighter brush/fan brush:

For highlighter, you can use various types of brushes. There are fan brushes, small fluffy brushes and big blending brushes. I personally use a small fluffy brush but you can use whichever one you want. You just take your brush, swirl it in highlighter and put it on the high points of your cheeks, brow bone and wherever you want.

Contour brush:

For contour, you need a precise brush with a pointed top. The pointed top keeps the contour sharp.

Bronzer brush:

For bronzer, you need a fluffy brush because bronzer doesn’t need to be that precise so anything fluffy will work.

Eyeshadow brush:

For eyeshadow, you can have as many brushes you want but the two main types of brushes that you need are:

  • A fluffy blending brush
  • A flat top brush

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The fluffy blending brush is used to put the eyeshadow in the crease to deepen the shade.

The flat top brush is used to pack on eyeshadow whether it’s a shimmer or a matte, all over the lid or just at the end.

Eyeliner brush:

For eyeliner, you need a very precise tine brush to keep your liner game on point.

Brow brush:

You can use a brow brush or a spoolie to brush through your brows to make ‘em look even after you apply your eyebrow powder or gel or whatever you prefer.

Lip brush:

Lip brushes are small very precise brushes. When you want that crisp red lipstick or whichever shade you prefer to look perfect then you can use a lip brush to line your lips and apply lipstick evenly without going outside the lips. They help you stay accurate.

I have collected my brushes from no particular brand but it is totally upto you if you want a bundle or not. I have just given you a guide to the ones you actually need. Cheers.


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