Lahore Qaladars poor performance and Trolling gave us a lot of reasons to smile.


Pakistan super league is no doubt a complete package of entertainment. Each and every member of this terrific event is trying to put the best foot forward. Regardless of which team is playing, the cricket lovers have found a complete and electrifying event throughout the league. One of the biggest thing that entertained every cricket fan is trolling of Lahore Qalanders.

Pakistan Super League has become a most entertaining cricketing event of Pakistan. Where PSL won our hearts in 3 seasons. Its most popular team Lahore Qalandars failed badly and disappointed so many fans. Apart from a win or lose, PSL provided us so many reasons to laugh in form of trolling.

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Fans of all teams are trolling each other and of course, Lahore Qalandar is the most favorite victim. We are all aware of an extreme rivalry between Karachi Kings and Lahore Calendars. Qalandars have no doubt faced some massive defeats in the tournament leading the other teams to troll them.

Some Trending YouTube Trolling

Both teams’ supporters are trolling each other on social media. Unfortunately, Lahore Qalandars could not make their way to advance level of PSL due to continuous defeats. The owner of the team Mr. Fawad Rana was the most trolled person throughout the league. His facial expressions and the way he responded to every time Qalanders lost the match was so entertaining even for those who were following the PSL only through the news.

Someone made a song for the special performance of Lahore Qalandar and people are Loving it. Its a parody of “O lagdi Lahore di aa” song. Obviously, it’s for fun only. It’s just our passion for cricket.

Trolling of Lahore Qalanders on Twitter

People are making jokes about Lahore Qalandars’ Performance

This is hilarious ?

A Special TV for Lahore Qalandar’s Performance ?

All Lahore Qalandar Fans rn

Baba jee is also making fun of Lahore Qalandars.

Some fans disowned their team

All these jokes are just for the sake of Entertainment. We still Love Lahore Qalandars and united for Team Pakistan. We are united to see cricket back to home. Our Passion for cricket can never die. Regardless of which team wins, the victory will always be of Pakistan.


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