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Do you add oil to your hair to make them shine while totally overlooking the fact that oil makes your hair look thinner? That’s a point where you are totally wrong. You might be prepping to get voluminous hair in a wrong way by using wrong techniques and products. You might be thinking about how to get thick hair. Check out the best thick hair tips to thicken your thin hair.

How to get thick hair?

Having volume-challenged hair really makes your life challenging. Many hair stylists give tips to get the maximum volume in your hair with minimum efforts. Here I am providing my self-tested pro tips. No matter you want to try these tips out for routine or want to bust it out for a special occasion, you will definitely going to give a moist and voluminous look to your crew by following these ways to make hair thicker.

1. Perform back brushing

Back brushing can significantly add a blow to your hair. It does not have to be violent brushing that completely flattens your hair. Use a large paddle brush in the roots for soft volume in the hair. The best way of back brushing is to divide hair into different sections and then work on each section to impart volume. Spray each strand of hair to make the volume last longer. This is the best tip for those people who want to know how to get thick hair.

2. Use a quality hair serum

Using a serum for more voluminous hair requires zero expertise. It is more practical to use a serum when you are in hurry and you want to get voluminous hair in no time. Using a serum in wet hair can also boost the volume by absorbing the moist in the hair. Take a few drops of serum and warm it up with your palms. Start working on your hairs from ends to gradually moving upward. Apply the leftover serum in your hands on the roots.

Determine on which side your hairs fall naturally. The side where your hair has natural inclination makes the hair look very flat and you also train your hair to look that way when you also let them fall on that side. Simply flip your hairs on the other side and let them dry. Simply flip your hair to get thick hair

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3. Use a volume enhancing shampoo

If you are seeking a way to build the volume in your hair, you are in need to have a shampoo that can significantly change the way your hair looks. You are recommended to use the shampoo with least conditioning ingredients that are usually more likely to strengthen the roots of hair while adding volume to them at the same time. Look for a shampoo which has volume building properties and also does not affect the color of your hair. Also, apply conditioner to bottom or third half of hair and rinse them thoroughly. This is the best way to make thicker hair

4. Create lift in the roots with blowdrying

The illusion of thick hair is a no-brainer when you have an option of blow drying. The hair is needed to be given a lift at the scalp with the help of blow drying mechanism. Using the blow dryer when your hair is slightly moist is the best way to lift your hair up. To make this lift last longer, use any product to fix this position

Blow drying is not necessary. You can use straighteners or curlers to keep the hair from sticking to the scalp. Just make sure that you have used thermal protectants to protect the hair from the heat of these electric machines.

5. Try to volumize individual hair strands

There are some volumizing products that you might be using to enhance the volume. These products work by volumizing each strand of hair individually. You might be confused about choosing a right volume enhancing products for your hair. Different products have different volumizing formulas. In order to choose a right and compatible product, try to see your hair stylist who will recommend you best product based on the type of hair you have.

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