Eating Chicken is DANGEROUS and a Serious Threat to your health


It’s a general perception that eating birds is healthier than meat. Chicken is one of our most favorite food. Fast food has¬†become so much popular where the main ingredient is Chicken. But wait… Is it really healthy?¬† Eating Chicken is dangerous and a serious threat to your health. Here are some reasons to reconsider our opinion on eating chicken.


Why Eating chicken is dangerous?

One Serving of chicken contains the same amount of cholesterol found in Meat. Cholesterol can block your arteries and cause heart attacks.

eating chicken is dangerous

Its common in the poultry industry to add arsenic and antibiotics in Chicken’s feed to raise chicks faster. It’s highly dangerous for human health and causes neurological problems and cancer

Broilers are raised faster in intensive conditions so they have less immunity. To keep up their health, heavy dosages of antibiotics are used which increases antibiotic resistance in the human body. In other-other words, antibiotic will no more stay effective for your body which is the reason, eating chicken is dangerous.

To raise these broilers faster, growth hormones are injected into their bodies which are going to enter your body too. Its a serious threat to your health

Risk of cancer is 40% higher in Meat and chicken eaters than in vegetarians. The main reason is cooking it at high temperature. In deep fried and grill chicken, Heterocyclic amines (HCA) found that increases risk of cancer.


Indeed eating birds is healthier. The fault is not in birds. The fault is in process of raising those birds. Free range chicken is the only alternative to broiler chicken as they raised freely. No use of chemicals for faster growth so they are less toxic to your health. Chicken is not a vital part of your diet. You can add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet instead.


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