Discover what your birthday month reveals about you

birthday month

Discover what your birthday month reveals about you

Your zodiac sign has always some best things to describe you. But, do you know your birthday month also reveals many personality traits?

We often hear that every human being is unique and different from others. According to scientists, there is a strong connection between you and your birth month. This also means that the people born in same month also share some common features. It is considered to be a strong numerology to use your birth month as a parameter to judge your personality.

Your birth month affects your career, love life and much. Here we are going to let you reveal some hidden facts about the association between you and your birth month.


People born in January are regarded as independent and leaders by birth. Very often, they are as cold as their birth month. They are quite secretive when it comes to their personal time and most often open up to people they trust. A baby with birthday month of January really gets a hard time while expressing the feelings. People born in January are very attentive towards their partner and very loyal. However, they can be the individuals who are very difficult to please.

A January baby will always be ahead for raising voice on any issue. Although they tend to be very good leaders, they don’t like to listen to other’s opinions which is one of the most negative traits of their personality.



February people are well-known for keeping empathy for others. What makes them stand out in the crowd is their creativity. Relationships are very important for them and they are always much concerned about their love life although they are never likely to express their feelings. You love to be with your family and friends. Hypersensitivity is the major problem of many people of birthday month of February, and they always seem to overcome it. You are always determined to reach your goals no matter what it takes. Having a perfect job, a loving relationship and a scheduled life is your dream. You are not good at sharing your idea with others and your intellectual competitiveness is much low. You tend to change your mood constantly. You can be very outspoken and confident at a moment and at the very next moment, you can be very shy.


If your birthday month is March, you are not are not much introspective. You like to express your feelings through art, not words. You find it too hard to fall in love with someone because you have too much sensitivity and loyal. You don’t like to expose your real personality until you know someone well. They are very lucky. Natural is very kind to them and always provide them favorable circumstances. You are very moody and also hold grudges. On the brighter side, you are very funny and entertaining. It’s really fun to be around a March baby. You are also good at making connections with people to uplift and motivate them in life.


People born in April are very attractive. Their charismatic personality makes them stand out. At times, you are very bossy and stubborn to deal with. But, your smartness and creativity make other people like you and tolerate your bossy behavior. You will have to control your bossy behavior if you want to be surrounded by sincere and kind people. You are very caring and loving. People born in April always crave for attention. April women are very loving but very jealous at the same time. They are very brave and always ready to take risks when it comes to achieving goals in life. They are very generous at times but jealousy is the negative factor of their personality.


People born in May are multi-talented. They spend too much time socializing as they like to be social and making connections with people for any reason. On the brighter side, they are very determined and strong-willed but sometimes, this attribute makes others feel them to be stubborn. May people are hard-hearted and very easy to be annoyed. They hate to be kept in dark. They love the people who share their secrets with them. They always work hard to achieve stability in their life. Once they will achieve it, they will be at peace.



June people are passionate lovers but they are very jealous. They get too attached to people and then find it too hard to get over it. Sometimes, they get closely associated with past and forget to live in present. They enjoy gossips and making fun of others. In fact, gossiping is their biggest flaw. June people are talkative and daydreamer. They always speak first and then think about it. These two traits make it hard to achieve their goals. They are the most uncertain people in the world because of this, they never express their feelings. They don’t like to hide what they think no matter good or bad. It is so easy to upset June people but they will never let you know about it.



You are very caring sympathetic if you are born in July. You have a sarcastic behavior because you get depression too easily because of being sensitive. You don’t like to make friends but once you make, it is for life. July people are moody and tactful and get hurt easily. They don’t forget the people who have wronged them and never trust anyone after that. July people are believed to be very spontaneous and extrovert. They are very good at hiding their problems from others. Their dark side is never known to anyone.



August babies are very loving.  They are known to have deep feelings about the relationship and love. They always like to see good in others. They love to learn new things and always inspire others.  Good sense of humor is their most prominent characteristic. They are very romantic sensitive and egoistic. August people usually have independent thinking which makes them very successful in leadership.  They have very strong feeling of jealousy and very easy to get annoyed.  August people never learn their lesson easily because of being stubborn. They never like to get advice from others and always find their own way. You may find them respectful to others but they have no respect for bossy people.

People with a birthday month of August always tend to keep rigid beliefs about anything which is one of the most negative traits of their personality. They always like to have critical thinking and also very self-critical. They are not good at expressing their emotions but they somehow manage to show their affection


People born in September want to have everything in an organized manner. They are very intelligent and spiritual. One of the most positive traits in the personality of September people is that they are very understanding, calm and quiet. But these all attributes make them prone to become depressed easily. When it comes to a relationship, September people are very picky. But once they find their love, they are incredibly loyal and generous. They always tend to be secretive that makes their life more interesting. If you are born in September, you are likely to be a perfectionist.



October people are generally very lucky. They always get what they want. They show very strong nature when they need to be decisive. They are often attractive to others but lose their confidence so easily. Their nature is argumentative and revengeful. Their inner demons are the biggest obstacle in their way to success. They will have to fight them off in order to succeed in life. October babies always challenge themselves to become perfect. The negative aspect is that they are selfish and bad-tempered that people find it hard to handle them.




You will always see November people hiding their true feelings. They are independent which is why they like to carve their own way of life instead of following a typical way. Lots of ideas always roll in their mind and they are determined to achieve them. Their anger is their biggest weakness. They should never let their anger take control of their life. The unpredictable nature of November people makes them extremely moody and hard to deal with. Most often, they try to avoid confrontation because they don’t like to confront others.



You love socializing if your birthday month is December. Sometimes, your socializing makes them ignore their responsibilities. December people always like to be the center of attention and sometimes try to pretend to be something they are not. They are usually very trustworthy and optimistic towards life. They love to form a long and strong bond with their friends. The negative factor is that they sometimes get hasty when it comes to making decisions. This leads to wrong decisions.



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