Discover the last activity of brain cells before a human dies


Discover the last activity of brain cells before a human dies

The condition of a human being when the heart stops beating and the brain cells become starved of oxygen is still beyond the reach of science. Initially, some experiments were conducted on rats. According to scientists, after death, the brain enters into a heightened level of consciousness. The so-called ‘’near death’’ is being attributed to that consciousness of brain achieved after death.

It was revealed in many experiments that how electrical activity dissipates in brain’s crucial moments before death. In the 1940s, Harvard University biologist did some disturbing experiments with the brain of the rabbit. He gave injuries to the brain of a dead rabbit and then connected six electrodes within the brain. He noticed that the electrical activity first stopped in the injured area of the brain and within 5 minutes, the depletion of electrical activity spread to other parts of the brain.

A few decades later, a similar process occurring in dying brain cells of a human being was revealed. The experiment conducted on the brain of rabbit was not easy to perform on human beings.

The recent study on brain cells was conducted on two men. The first man was 47 years old who got serious brain injuries in a car accident and the second man is 57 years old who is believed to have fallen from a flight of stairs. It is quite possible that due to extreme injuries, depletion of electrical activity already occurred in their brain prior to connection of electrodes.

Fortunately, scientists were able to gather some data regarding gradual depletion of electrical activity in the brain just before death. According to scientists, brain cells work by utilization of charged ions. These charged ions always keep an electrical imbalance in their immediate surroundings that consequently creates small shocks in the brain which are termed as neurological signals.

In order to carry out this process, neurons require a great deal of oxygen and chemicals which are obtained from the bloodstream. As the human being dies, these neurons become starved of the oxygen and try to hoard the resources they have. When all the stored resources are used up by the neurons, the electrical activity ceases in a slow wave.

This process was not found to be same in all human beings. Scientists conducted some experiments on animals by provided them with the oxygen after the slow wave occurred. The neurons came back to action with a spark. If the neurons don’t catch the spark, then brain reaches the ‘’commitment stage’’ which can never be reversed.


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