Discover how a prolonged session of sitting is going to affect you


Sitting is good if you take a break from your busy day and set back for a while. Most of our routine tasks are the part of sedentary activities. We spend all the time sitting down at a desk in front of the computer. It is important for you to know that the longer you sit down the more you up settle your body.

On average, Americans spend 13 hours of a day sitting and 6 hours while you sleep. In other words, we spend 21 hours of a day consist of sedentary activities. These sedentary activities are not going to let you live longer. You are more likely to die earlier if you are going to spend 6 hours sitting, Doctors say.

What are the consequences of sedentary activities?

As soon as you sit down, the electrical activities in your muscles slowly go down and the process of calorie burning plummet up to 1 calorie per minute. Your body loses the ability of insulin to uptake glucose which increases your risk of getting diabetes type 2 when you indulge yourself in sedentary activities. It was found by that constantly sitting for 24 hours reduces the body’s ability to produce insulin by 40%.

If you look at the way the human body has been structured, you will come to know that it has been made to move. There are total 360 joints and 700 skeletal muscles in our body that enable our body to move easily.

The circulation of blood also depends on how often we move your body. Our skin has also been made elastic so that it can stretch itself when we mold our body.

Ways the sitting is going to affect you physically

  • Sitting down constantly for a number of hours also increases the level of LDL and cholesterol particularly bad ‘’cholesterol level’’ in your body which increases the risk of weight gain. Unfortunately, sitting for a longer period of time is the reason for most of the people to become obese.
  • As a matter of fact, most of the activities that we perform each day require us to sit.  Sitting down makes your body inactive. If your body is inactive for a longer period of time, the muscles of your body will start wearing out.
  • You are more likely to get a backache because of staying in same body posture. It is one of the most harmful sedentary activities..


Those people, who don’t do anything at home but sleeping and watching TV, should reduce the number of hours they sit as it becomes a lethal activity for them. Sitting constantly for 6 hours is quite reasonable for those who have added hitting the gym to their routine. On-desk treadmill is also a good solution for people who are bound to stay at the desk for an extended period of time






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