5 awkward situations all girls face on Facebook


5 awkward situations all girls face on Facebook

Facebook is most popular social media and we all use it up to some extent. Some use it to kill boredom, other use it to connect it with friends. Some want to watch interesting videos, while some try to enjoy reading. Every kind of people is found on Facebook. Every girl once in a while go through different awkward situations by using Facebook.

Facebook also influenced our lives. Its addiction causes so many problems. Its become our habit to check our notifications even when least expected. If you are also facing this problem Discover how social media going to affect your Life in Future.

It has some extended effects if you are a girl. You will get a lot of attention. That seems great right? But it’s not. You will face a lot of annoying things some of them are


Your ID will be flooded with Friend requests from strangers

All girls faced this problem on facebook. This is the major reason for fake accounts on Facebook. It’s too easy to get the attention you just need a girlish name. You may find it attractive at the start but you will be annoyed with time.

They try to speak English to impress you

A lot of people don’t know English on facebook but they will keep trying to speak just to impress you. That will be entertaining for you and give you a lot of reasons to laugh.

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A lot of strangers will ask you for pictures

Being asked by a stranger to share your picture with him would be the most awkward situation. Although you have a beautiful picture on display that won’t satisfy these strangers. Everyone wants your pictures in their inbox. That’s quite strange even after a straight NO, they will keep annoying you with their demands.

They will behave like your Boy Friend

If you are a girl and using Facebook, then you must have faced this a lot of times. When boys start behaving like your boyfriend even in the first conversation. It’s quite annoying when a stranger starts fighting with you on issues you have no link to.

They will flood your inbox with adult contents

It’s quite sad that a lot of people on Facebook even don’t know ABC of ethics and morality. They will start sharing adult contents with you without your consent and think like you are someone most interested in it and you were waiting for them to come to your life to discuss all this. That’s really sick.


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