5 stupid things smart people do


5 stupid things smart people do

Sometimes, the intelligent people do things that make no sense at all. We encounter different types of people in our day-to-day routine. Sometimes we also meet people who are intellectually blessed but despite their brilliance, they have ample capacity to act as a dumb person. Every day we see an intelligent person who does not wear a seatbelt or does not cross the road by looking at both sides. When we hear about someone’s death because of not wearing a seatbelt, we consider the victims as dumb people. Many psychologists consider these people as an intelligent but not critical thinker. Smart people search for smart ways to accomplish everything and in doing so; they often do some stupid things. I am going to tell 5 stupid things intelligent people do.

  1. Smart people think abundantly which is beyond their capacity

Smart people are very creative and sometimes, this creativity becomes a big problem. They create multiple challenges for themselves. Instead of focusing on any issue they have, they consider many issues and try to resolve them in a generalized way. For example, if they are making a blog, they will not consider adding 5 or 6 things in it rather they will add all the universal facts in it.

As a matter of fact, no human being can think abundantly. Intelligent people tend to do that and they get myriads of problems in their life. They lose the credibility. The smart people find a specific people and targeted audience and then just speak to them.

  1. They complicate things

It’s a well-known fact that more mental efforts you will have to put in order to solve a more complex thing. An intelligent person may enjoy solving such problems but in practical, such things are less applicable. Such less action-oriented things are not recommended to you especially when you are a teacher. You will eventually end up simplifying everything or breaking it out into simple essential parts by stop using your intellectual property.

  1. Intelligent people undervalue social skills:

Highly intelligent people think that their intelligence is the only factor that will lead them to success. Such people fail to develop social skills. They don’t believe in making powerful professional relations. These intelligent never learn social skills and never try to learn from those people who excelled in their field.

  1. Intelligence people do many things at once:

Sharp minded people are always overconfident about their multitasking skills. They like to get entertainment, excitement and everything at the same time. They believe that they have the ability to do many things at a time. But, these intelligent people remain less productive and leave everything incomplete.

  1. They underestimate others:

The intelligent people are often admired for their intelligence that makes them a little arrogant. This attribute makes them feel independent and doesn’t take the assistance of anyone which becomes a problem for them sometimes.


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