5 most annoying relations I experienced on Twitter


Most of you don’t know that I have spent 8 years on twitter or you can say I have wasted my all these years on virtual friendships and annoying relations. As social media is a platform to know strangers and make some new friends. I met a lot of interesting and annoying people during my journey. These 5 relations I can never forget in my life.

A long distance relation

I found a crazy girl on twitter that I tried my best to forget. But somewhere in my subconscious, she is still alive. She was from Spain and she cared for me and taught me the meaning of life. That 14-18 hours chats were the lifeline to my routine and I always miss those days 🙁

A confusing GF relation

Another thing twitter gave me is a confusing GF. The girl I loved the most but she never believed. I tried to convince her for marriage several times but her broken soul never let her allowed to believe me. Of-course “Men are trash” philosophy ruined so many genuine relations. Our relation was so much interesting. A relation where we didn’t have any expectations to marry each other. A relation where we both are Leos. The most egoistic persons together. We fight daily. Actually, fighting is our romance :p but still my advice to all Leos. Never be in a relationship with a Leo :p

A sincere sister Relation

Word ‘sincere’ often used for relations where we dream together. But I am lucky enough to get a sister from twitter who never let me realize that she is not my actual sister. She is broken twice and I hate those bastards more than her. I always spy on her and keep lecturing her for everything and she is enough “Farmabardar” type. She is the only one from twitter I met in real life too and still miss those moments 🙁 … And yes you are annoying too :p

A just Friends type Relation

Just friends kinda relations are the best. When u broke with GF, they act like your Girlfriends. U ignore them they don’t care. Do you need them? They are always there for u in your mental breakdowns. I am lucky enough to have one friend who never agrees with my opinions :p. She always annoys me with her boring replies 🙁 but still, you are cute enough to cover all the annoying things. Mental breakdowns are the thing unknown to her. She is papa’s princess but I know you are mama’s maasi too :p #AchaSorry

All other girls

Whenever I hear the word “Girls” the first thing came to my mind is “they are all annoying” :p I know a lot of girls but believe me I am unable to understand a single one. Universities need to introduce a special degree just to teach boys about their mood swings :p


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