5 common weight loss mistakes


5 common weight loss mistakes

Weight loss!! weight loss!! weight loss!!… Almost everyone has become so obsessed with it. Chances are that we have tried many ways to lose weight by trying different types of diets such as low carb, no carb, high protein and a lot more but our all weight loss techniques went wrong. Even when you adjusted your diet with 3 meals, 6 meals, 10 meals a day, not eating any meal at night, not eating in the morning and not eating at certain times.
The truth is, you have exhausted your mind and pressurized it for losing weight. And after putting a lot of efforts, you are still the old you, no weight loss and maybe you have put on extra pounds.
It seems very simple to lose weight as it’s a game of calories in, calories out, eating less and moving more.

But there are some mistakes that you are probably making while trying to lose weight. And now if you want that next time when you will decide to lose weight, you will have to avoid these 5 mistakes. For sure, you are going to get the best results

1. You completely eliminate fat from your diet

Just because it is called fat doesn’t mean it’s going to make you fat. To put it another way, there are many fats which are very healthy and actually they help you maintain your weight. It’s a fact that you need good fats in order to make your body function properly. That’s good for your health because they are digested very slowly and let you never feel hungry for a longer period of time. Almond oil, olive oil are some good sources of healthy fats. Make a healthy diet plan with healthy fats and lose weight

2. You underestimate how much you eat

You may have seen many people saying that they are taking only 1000 calories a day but still they are not losing weight for some reasons. What can be the reasons behind it?
Thing is, many people underestimate the total amount of calories they take on a daily basis. According to the research, people underestimate their calories by 50%. That means if someone says that he is taking 1000 calories, that means he is very close to 2000 calories in actual.

3. You don’t bother how you are eating

Many people set up diet plans for themselves which is the biggest mistake. For example, if you are a regular grazer who eats at different times of day, then suddenly jumps to a fasting lifestyle, then you are setting yourself up for failure. A sudden fasting is going to be a big disaster. Keeping a check on how you are eating is the best way to lose weight.

4. You don’t focus on your body composition

There are many people who only focus on losing weight. They don’t care about developing lean muscles. It is important for everyone to improve body composition to be able to afford weight loss. Because improving body composition will make you look better. If you want to be aesthetically pleasing, you should put efforts to add lean muscles. 2 people that weigh same but have different body composition are totally different from each other. Obviously, the person with more lean muscles is going to look better. One will look like skinny and the other person would look fit. So first of all focus on your plans whether you want to look skinny or physically fit.
Muscles fitness has been found to be very effective for people who want to look fitter and lose weight at the same time. Check out tips for muscles fitness and set your goals for a healthy life.
Does it mean that fasting is not going to help you in losing weight? No !! People are losing weight by fasting but the problem is you are just going opposite to how you tend to eat previously. You eat many times a day and then suddenly restricts yourself from eating anything. If your problem is eating in large portions, not necessarily eating throughout the day in multiple times, you can benefit yourself by limiting the time frame from which you can eat. That means you can consolidate your 4 large meals into 8 shorter eating periods. In order to lose weight, try to look for the style of eating rather counting the number of calories. It is going to be an effective way for you.

5. Finishing your plate is your obligation

If you don’t like to Waste food, you will probably finish everything in your plate. You may have worked harder to fill your plate and now you are reluctant to throw it away as if it is like throwing the money away. Sometimes you are left with a very small portion of food on your plate that you forcefully eat. This means that you are going to say bye bye to your weight loss goals.
If you want to fix this problem, you should either stop eating completely or use a smaller plate. According to a small plate study on Wikipedia, if you decrease the size of your plate from 12 cm to 10 cm, you will eat less without affecting your satisfaction. Also incorporate weight loss diet apart from reducing the diameter of the plate.


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