5 awkward situations every boy faces on Facebook


5 awkward situations every boy faces on Facebook

Its a reality that Facebook has captured our lives and we hardly find anyone who is not using it. Everyone wants to present their best sides to the world and hide the weaker side. Facebook made it easier for everyone to be as fake as they want. In this world of fakeness, Everyone comes across some awkward moments.

Previously we discussed 5 awkward situations all girls face on Facebook and here we are discussing what type of awkward situations boys face on facebook.

awkward moments

1. Crush at first sight on some fake profile

It is something we all faced on Facebook when we liked someone so much by her display and started falling in love but with the passage of time, we realize that it’s just a fake account. This heartbreaking event is so awkward but also give us some reasons to laugh at ourselves.

2. Your crush has a BoyFriend

Have you ever fell in love with someone and felt things are going smoothly, Then one day she tells you that she has a BoyFriend? The feelings of being helpless. Only those can understand who faced this.

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3. Your crush bro-zoned you?

That’s also something really awkward when after a clean smooth relation she lets you realize she only loves you as a ‘Brother’. Girls!! why you always do this? We boys also have feelings. Everyone reacts differently to this awkward situation so let us know your’s reaction in comments.

4. Your Girlfriend caught you talking to a beautiful girl?

Have you ever been caught by your Girlfriend or faced trust issues? Well, that’s part of all relations. Boys can’t resist beauty and girls cant trust boys blindly and in my opinion, they shouldn’t trust. But its always become very awkward to face such trust issues.

5. She sent you a picture without makeup first time- an awkward picture at the awkward moments

You all can understand most of the girls don’t post pictures without 7 layers of makeup. Most of the time you fall for their artificial beauty and then a time comes when you become frank enough to ask for a natural photo without makeup. That’s the most awkward moment to praise her at that time. Only boys can understand this.

Have you ever faced these awkward situations? Let us know your funny awkward moments in comments.


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