10 things everyone should know about acne


10 things everyone should know about acne

Acne is one of the common skin conditions that affect every person no matter which age group he or she belongs to. Even though many people manage to deal with pimples from time to time, still it is considered as a persistent problem. Acne scars ruin the look of the person which is why this problem should be given the best acne treatment. Here are 10 things you should know about acne.

1. Washing your face won’t help you get rid of pimples

Very few people know about the fact that once the pimples have broken out, washing your face is not going to help you. Although everyone wants to scrub away the imperfections of the face instantly, washing the face is not the instant treatment. Moreover, excessively scrubbing of the face also invites more pimples, irritation, and scarring.

2. Sugary and greasy foods cause pimples

There is a well-known myth that sugary and greasy foods are the main culprits behind acne breakout. However, it is not the case. There is no relationship between the pimples breakout and the food you eat. So, eating chocolates is not going to cause acne but it can worsen the pre-existing acne.

3. The clothes are the major cause of acne on your body

Whenever and pimples Breakout occurs on the body parts other than the face, you can blame clothes you wear. Wearing tight clothes can produce friction on your body that will be the cause of acne breakout. If you move around in your sweaty gym clothes, get ready because the pimples are going to happen when the Sweat will get trapped in your workout clothes and your body.

4. There are 6 different types of acne in total

The black and whiteheads on the body are caused due to the accumulation of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Cell papules and pustules also appear when the blocked pores of the face get irritated. Then there are nodules and cysts which are painful and should be treated by dermatologists. The dermatologist will suggest the acne treatment on the basis of your skin type. Blackhead removal and squeezing the white heads is not a good approach.

5. There is only one way to get pimples

The glands of your body are usually the basic reason of pimple breakout because they produce oil that gets combined with dead skin cells to create a plug that blocks the pores and hair follicles. The bacteria in the clogged pores start to grow that becomes the reason for Breakout of a pimple. Many dermatologists recommend their patients to exfoliate their skin in order to keep the pores unclogged. A different acne treatment may be conducted to cure different people.

6. Different medication can also cause pimples

You may be taking the certain type of drugs like prednisone etc. These type of drugs trigger the glands under your skin to produce more oil that clogs the skin pores. Pimples medications are not likely to cause acne. Then you will have to see different doctors to ensure white and blackhead removal

7. Exercising will not aggravate your acne

Many people believe that working out a sweat triggers the glands to produce more oil. According to a recent study, the Sweat released from the body during a workout is not going to block the skin pores. In fact, there is no correlation between a number of hours you spend exercising and pimples. Exercise should never be skipped in order to save the skin. Never go for acne medication rather choose natural methods to get rid of this monster.

8. Using cosmetics doesn’t cause acne

Many people believe that makeup products also cause an pimples breakout. It is a big misconception. Makeup can worsen the pimples because there are some ingredients which are comedogenic. You can use best acne products in order to solve your acne problem

9. The sun is good and bad for your skin

Spending a small amount of time in Sun can be good for your skin because most of the ultraviolet radiations are antibacterial. However, it should also be kept in mind that too much Sun exposure can increase hyperpigmentation and pimples breakout. Spending more than 20 minutes in sun is not recommended.

10. Your pillowcase can also cause pimples

The pillowcase is home to many bacteria and germs. It is recommended to wash pillowcase case regularly in order to get rid of all harmful bacteria there are waiting to cause rashes and pimples which is annoying and depressing at the same time


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